Artist Statement

I am a painter turned fabric artist from Readfield, Maine.  Put another way, I am a land use planner who “crosses over,” so to speak, to give her right-brain room to breathe.


I began painting in oils after taking drawing, design, and painting classes from the University of Maine at Augusta Art Department. While I love these media, I found my passion the day I learned to “paint” with fabric. I began to quilt out of a love for contemplating color and design and to spend time with a friend who also needed creative relief. When I learned the technique of fabric collage from Susan Carlson, fusing edges with water soluble glue and the piece quilted overall, I was able to combine my earlier interest in depicting subjects large with playing with fabric colors and textures on a design wall. My fabric portraits are the result!


2 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. My brother, Jop Blom, told me about your beautiful art. I love quilting but what you are doing is just A R T!
    So different from ‘the old fashioned style’. Love it!
    Wilma Blom

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